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15 Things To Know Before Playing An Escape Game

1. What an Escape Game is

If you haven’t heard about escape games then you must be living life with your head in the sand. To get the lowdown on escape rooms visit our “What is an escape room?” page.

2. They are not supposed to be easy!

Most escape games have a time limit of 60 minutes and are designed to test a team of people. This challenge of time and the complexity of the tasks are what make escape games so enjoyable to play. If you know before entering that you are guaranteed to escape, well, where is the fun in that?

3. It’s all about the people you play with

Your chances of success can be improved before you even enter the escape room.

The makeup of your team is something you must consider seriously before taking on an escape game. Do you have a director? an over thinker? a compulsive clear?. Our guide to picking the perfect escape room team is essential reading.

4. Dress appropriately

Unless your escape game is themed around a high-school prom there is no need to go over the top with your outfit.

As you are likely to be searching high and low for clues to help you escape practicality rather than style should be in mind when choosing what to wear. Most of all make sure you are comfortable.

5. Escape games are crappy first dates

First dates are nerve wrecking at the best of times so putting yourselves in the pressurised environment of an escape room is not ideal. Just as inappropriate as the movies we would suggest giving this a miss.

6. Pre-game drinks

If some of your team have not met before or you are pulling together different work departments together for a team building exercise then it is good idea to break the ice between team members.

Now whilst we suggest drinks are the best way of doing this we would stress that you choose non-alcoholic options. You need to be on top of your game to be successful in an escape room so would suggest coffees all round rather than beers!

7. Get stuck in

As soon as the clock starts ticking you need to get to work – open draws, empty cupboards, look under objects, look on top of objects, take note of anything that doesn’t look like it belongs.

If you are stood in the middle of the escape room watching what everyone else is doing then you are not doing it right – get involved!

8. Secrets are not allowed

Escape games are designed to be played by a team using the best of every member’s abilities to solve the puzzles and clues. Don’t be the person who thinks they can do it on their own and withhold information from your team mates.

9. Forget you have pockets

Most garments will have at least one pocket because pockets are really useful things to have. Pockets are not so useful however when it comes to playing escape games. Someone will put an important clue into a pocket and forget it is there while the rest of the team search high and low for it. If it is the clue that leads to your escape then that person will never live it down!

10. Don’t be a bull in a china shop

By all means make sure you are thorough in your search for clues but show the escape room and its contents respect. Remember someone has put in hard work and money into a facility that allows you to have fun so please act accordingly.

11. Don’t be a shrinking violet

Just because you can’t shout the loudest doesn’t mean what you have to say is any less valid than those that do. If you have the right answer you are going to have to make yourself heard and don’t be shy about doing so.

12. You need to listen

Following on from our previous point if you are the person in the group that likes the sound of their own voice then you are going to have to learn to be quiet for a change. Just because everyone knows your opinion on the right answer doesn’t mean it’s automatically correct.

13. Don’t try to be clever

If you are trying to solve a puzzle try the obvious answers first. Whilst some clues and puzzles in escape games require some out of the box thinking you will be surprised how many require a straightforward answer. Don’t over think things, it can waste time.

14. Embrace the experience

Escape rooms come in many shapes and sizes with various themes from apartments and offices through to hospital wards and prison cells. If you can’t fully immerse yourself into the game and allow yourself to enjoy it then you should probably stay at home and not spoil it for those who can.

15. Win and lose as a team

Whether your bid for escape was successful or it fell at the final hurdle you need to go for debrief with your team. Escape rooms are great for bringing people together socially and the outcome of the game shouldn’t affect this. You know those beers we mentioned earlier? Now is the time to enjoy them!