Escapades is finally open! We are proud to say we have two great Escape Rooms and Chicago’s first and only Rage Room!

You may be wondering how we got to this point? Where did the idea of a Rage Room come from? What even is a Rage Room? Well it’s really quite simple. If you’ve ever seen the movie Office Space you surely remember the scene where Ron Livingston’s character steals the office printer that never works and smashes it.

When I first saw that scene I loved it. Not only was it hilarious but it looked like a ton of fun. After recreating that scene a few times with printers and old televisions I knew I was on to something. The idea: a room where you can smash anything you like without concern. No cleanup. No danger. Just pure fun!

My business partner and I started looking for places to open the country’s first Rage Room back in the summer of 2017. We settled on Chicago for our first location because of the people here. With a location right in the heart of River North we are able to cater to corporations and individuals alike. We wanted everyone who is able to Rage to have the opportunity to come down and experience our games. Thankfully Chicago gave us the perfect platform to reach people from all different backgrounds of life and we have fallen in love with the city and the people here.

In our Rage Room you can smash almost anything you like. We have computers, monitors, printers, plates, teacups, Donald Trump busts and much much more!

At one time this was just a dream – We’ve made it a reality here in Chicago.

Rage Rooms aren’t all we offer however. We also have two top of the line escape games. Our escape room, Apartment 1145, is reminiscent of the first escape rooms to come to the United States. It’s a mind bending puzzle that is sure to offer a challenge for escape room veterans and an exciting new adventure for newcomers.

Our second room Chi-gate turns the concept of an escape room on its head. Instead of breaking out of you’ll be breaking into a government office where you’ll have a series of task you must complete ranging from wiretapping the phone line to downloading sensitive government files.