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6 Reasons Why You Should Play Escape Games

Escape games are taking the nation by storm and they have got everyone talking. Now you might well be asking “What is an escape game?“, “Is there an escape room near me?” and “Why should I try an escape game?”.

Well we are going to answer one of those questions here as we have identified 6 reasons why you should try an escape game.

They make an ideal night out

Bored of the usual trip to the movies on date night? Your friends want to try something different to the bowling alley? Escape games are a great way to get out of your social rut. What do after you have escaped? Why not go on and enjoy one of the many restaurants and bars Chicago has to offer!

Give your eyes a rest from staring at a screen

In the modern world we live in we are surrounded with screens of all shapes and sizes in both our work and free time. Computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions we could go on. Now while no-one will hold it against you for binge watching the latest season of Game of Thrones or laying in bed and trying to get to the next level on Candy Crush but it is important to give your eyes a rest from time to time. Escape games will keep your mind so occupied that you will completely forget about your cellphone!

Experience new and unique situations

Have you have ever imagined being locked in an apartment with no way out? or have you have dreamt about being about being a spy and breaking into an office to access the top secret documents? These are the unique experiences you wouldn’t normally encounter that escape games and Escapades can offer you. As an added bonus – if you are successful in your escape you will have one hell of a story to tell your friends!

It’s like being in a videogame

You could describe escape game as ‘real’ virtual reality. Being inside a fully themed room for an hour, cracking clues, solving puzzles, breaking codes and stretching your mind you might as well just call yourself Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

Give your brain a workout

Your brain needs exercising just as much as your body so you could say that escape rooms are the gym for the mind. An escape game is just one big puzzle and puzzles are the equivalent of lifting weights. These puzzles will help you stay alert, increase your ability to concentrate and can help improve other cognitive functions.

They are fun!

So if none of the other totally valid reasons above have not convinced you to try an escape game then why not just doing it for fun? It is very easy to get bogged down with the daily grind and the same old routines, which is why it is important to get off the carousel every now and then and try something new like escape games.