Chi-Gate – Escape Game

Everyone remembers the watergate scandal, not everyone has the chance to relive part of it but now you can! Break into the DNC, tap the phone’s, place bugs around the room, photograph documents concerning top secret campaign information and shred all the files they’ve got on Nixon.

Oh, and don’t get caught! We can’t risk the security hearing or seeing you so be sure to be quiet, tread carefully and above all, don’t set off the alarm….

This is the perfect game for team-building and veterans of other “escape” games as you’ll be challenged to solve a series of puzzles and complete a series of tasks. This room can hold up to twelve people, please be aware that if you do not fully book out the room someone else may buy the remaining tickets in the room. The room is designed to be solved by a group so bring friends or family. The more the merrier. This room is fine for all ages but please note any children under 12 will require a chaperone. To reserve this game click the “Book Now” button below.