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Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building activities are being used increasingly by companies looking to increase communication and cohesion amongst their staff in fun and exciting ways.

There are many different activities on offer to take part in and cater for teams with various needs and abilities. Examples of corporate team building activities include:

Assault Courses

Cooking Lessons

Murder Mystery Evenings

Treasure Hunts

Escape rooms however are fast becoming the choice of many companies for corporate team building activities due to their problem solving nature.

Escaping from an escape room requires good communication between team members and the involvement of everyone. The experience of having to work together towards the shared goal of escaping the room helps break down any barriers in your team. They can also prove to be a concrete example of how your team can work together whilst having fun which of course boosts morale.

Corporate Team Building Activities in Chicago

Here at Escapades we can expand the experience even further with our two escape rooms. Consider the following scenario:

Your team participates in our Apartment 1145 escape room after which you take some time to have a debrief with them. Debriefing after a team building exercise helps reinforce the experience and offers opportunities to learn and progress together.

After their debrief your team then has the option of participating in our Chi-Gate escape room. This gives everyone to put into practice the lessons learned from the first experience but in a new environment.

After completing both our escape room experiences you can use your observations to discover behaviour patterns within your team and identify strengths and weaknesses that need to be worked on.

We are available to businesses both in and outside the Chicago area 24/7 to offer corporate team building activities.