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Escape Room Chicago Reviews

Escapades - Chicago Escape Rooms & Rage Rooms

Below are our independent reviews of our very own Chicago escape room experiences which are a unique twist on the original concept.

We understand that for some people being locked in a room with no easy escape is a very scary prospect. It can also be very awkward if you receive a call of nature during your bid to escape.

Hence why our games revolve around the concept of “breaking in” to a room rather than breaking out of one. At any point during your escape game experience you can leave and take a break in our lobby if you are feeling claustrophobic or visit the bathroom if needed and then return to your game when ready.

Escapades is the latest and we believe the best Chicago escape room experience but don’t just take our word for it!

What a great stress reliever and a lot of fun!

By Tina Abbatecola

We went as a group of 6. What a great stress reliever and a lot of fun! The staff was very friendly and helped make it a great experience! We will be back!

Definitely a night to remember

By Rebekah Saunders

A group of 8 of us tackled escape room, Apartment 1145 on New Year’s Eve as a way to kick off the evening right. Great decision! Joe at Escapades was very helpful and easy to work with. He clearly explained just enough about the room for us to get started. We had some experienced and some newbies alike and escaped! So many laughs and definitely a night to remember.

We loved it!

By Alicia Diamond

We loved it! Thanks for the experience 🙂

Great experience

By Nayaly Garcia

Great experience. Went to the rage room and demolished a few items. I had a good time and it was fun. You are charged based on what you want to break. For two of us it came out to a total of $100. You can play your own music while you rage out. You could also bring your own stuff to break for a fee. I would def recommend this place but I would recommend bringing your own plates too.

Definitely going to do it again!

By Samantha Toledo

We had an absolute blast! Definitely going to do it again! Joe was amazing, is amazing. I’ve shared my story with friends and family and they too are eager to partake in both the rage room and escape rooms. Thank you so much Joe for everything!


By Madeline T.

I LOVE IT!! Despite being a touch difficult to find (it’s in a basement, a little hidden from the street level) the Rage Room was a great way to relieve stress! Whether you’re getting over a break up or works got you at your breaking point, this is a great and safe way to relieve your stress.

Goddamn worth every penny

By Sam C

Bought rage room as a Christmas gift and HOO BOY. Tired and destressed. Super nice host, super fun concept and goddamn worth every penny.