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Escape Rooms = The New Family Game Night

The monotony of Monopoly getting you down? The game of life making you want to take your own life? Cluedo driving you to commit murder?

Across the nation family game nights are becoming more of a chore as people are becoming more and more disinterested with the traditional board games that we have been playing for years. When the same game is pulled out for the umpteenth time all of the novelty has worn off and has become tarnished as all the faults have been found and highlighted.

However there is now an alternative for the families who have found themselves in the game night rut that won’t end with all the game pieces on the floor and bedroom doors getting slammed!

Escape Rooms – The ideal family outing

Escape rooms are the latest craze which is taking the nation by storm. They offer unique experiences that are not on offer in the “real” world and are only seen traditionally seen in movies and video games. Escape games give us the opportunity to unshackle ourselves from the many screens in our modern lives and use our brains in ways we are not used to anymore.

The immersive experience of an escape room also brings its own unique blend of excitement, pressure, drama and nerves as you battle against the clock to make your escape.

Research shows that stressful environments actually encourages a group to bond together, even amongst male groups who usually try not to show their emotions or show themselves to be weak. In high stress and high pressure situations like that of an escape room, endorphins and other hormones that are flying about allow families to see new sides to each other, gain new perspectives and co-operate in ways they may not have previously.

Another reason why escape games are a fantastic idea for families is the wide variety of puzzles that will need to be solved which require different skill sets. Your son might have the ability to work out sequences and patterns easily while your partner might be better and working out riddles and word puzzles. You will also need to work together as a team so while some of you look for new puzzles and clues the others will work on ones that have already been found.

Escape Rooms – The lasting benefits of a family outing

Whether or not you are successful in escaping the escape room just participating in an escape game will give you a different perspective on things for weeks to come. You will find yourself seeing things in different ways and noticing new details in objects that you might have looked at hundreds of times before. You will also notice that your family will start interacting differently and dealing with everyday challenges and issues better than before.

So we suggest that this week rather than playing Monopoly for the millionth time that you book your family and escape game experience.

If you live in the Chicago why not even try our very own escape rooms – Apartment 1145 and Chi-gate. You can find more information on them by clicking the links below and we hope we see you soon!

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