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Escape Rooms – The Science Behind Why We Love Them

Over the past few years the escape game phenomenon has been spreading far and wide with many different themes and twists on the concept. With our appetite for escape rooms seemingly insatiable people are starting to ask the question: Why are they so popular?

Human beings are inquisitive by nature and have always felt the need to explore and solve puzzles. This itch can be scratched by playing escape games.

Looking further into the psychological reasons as to why we love escape rooms we have identified the following:

Positive Mood

Playing escape games has a positive effect on your mood and self-esteem. Running around searching for objects and trying to solve puzzles will cause your body to release dopamine, a hormone that has been correlated with positive moods.

Dopamine is also released when you are engaged in fast thinking. This is obviously needed in the escape room environment as most involve a time limit in which you need to escape. This is contagious so the collaborative energy required when participating in an escape game will not only elevate your mood but your teammates as well!

Outgoing Behaviour

When put in a high stress environment such as the one found in an escape room people will react differently to things than they would usually. This usually shows when the group are trying to solve clues and puzzles.

Clues and puzzles in an escape game require all kinds of different skill sets to solve them and the pressurised atmosphere seems to bring out more outgoing behaviour from people who have these skills. Someone who outside of this kind of scenario is usually shy and retiring may stepforward and take the role of a leader as the game requires their particular skill set.

People also become very opinionated for the very same reasons. Someone may feel more confident and more willing to speak up when they feel they have the correct answer because of the environment and consequences of having the correct answer.

Overloading Your Senses

Escape rooms are immersive experiences that can send all of your senses into meltdown (well maybe not taste … for now anyway!). However there can be clues in certain smells, the noises you hear and how items feel that will help you in your bid to escape.

Using your senses in this way stimulates your body in way where you start to feel high which only intensifies when your escape game team succeed in escaping the room.