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The Five Escape Room Personalities

So instead of doing the usual trip to the bowling alley you decide that you and your friends should try out the latest craze that is escape games.

You think you know your friends well; you have known them all for years. Simon was your roommate at college, you have known Samantha since 9th grade and you have been playing football with Dave and John for as long as you remember. How well do you really know them though?

When we are put in a high pressure environment, like the one found in an escape room, our true characteristics start to show and you might start to see another side to your friends you didn’t know about.

Here are the 5 different personalities you might come across when being in an escape room for an hour.

The Bossy One

We all know this kind of person, they have a compelling need to take complete control of every situation they find themselves in. They will see the fact they are locked in a strange room with only 60 minutes to escape as their time to shine!

They might go about this in one of two ways – either suggest that the team splits up and they will delegate everyone tasks or they will stand and watch over proceedings pointing out errors and suggestions on how to move forward.

You are never entirely sure if the bossy one is a help or a hinderance but they will definitely be heard!

The Scared One

This person’s only knowledge of escape rooms is usually the one featured in an episode of The Big Bang Theory where the gang escape in 5 minutes from the zombie filled room. This leads them to expect to be locked in a haunted house scenario rather than an immersive puzzle game experience.

They will be found in the corner of the room refusing to participate in searching for clues as this will involve touching things. When the rest of the team crowd around a lock that is about to be opened the scared one will be cowering and screaming as it opens.

The scared one will not be a contender for your MVP but their reactions to events in the room make the escape game fun and you will be glad you invited them.

The Clueless One

Escape games are still quite a new concept to many people and this can make playing them a challenge. However, despite this, there is always one person who doesn’t listen to the introduction and therefore has no idea what is going on.

You could probably put your house on their first words inside the room being “What are we supposed to be doing?”. This will likely fall on deaf ears as everyone else will be getting on with exactly what they should be doing. The clueless one is most likely to pull up a seat halfway through the game and either pull out their phone or just watch what is going on around them.

The Aggressive One

This person is the reason why we need to explain to escape game participants that none of our puzzles require brute force! For some unknown reason the aggressive one believes escape rooms are a test of physical strength rather than mental agility when the adrenaline kicks in.

When things get tough the aggressive one might lose sight of what is required and try pulling that locked cabinet off the wall rather than trying to find the key that unlocks it. They also might lose their mind completely when the panic sets in and try and kick the door down.

Just like the scared one they are unlikely to be your MVP but they will add their own unique twist to your experience.

The Quiet One

There is always one person who just ‘gets it’. The person who goes in knowing they need to escape and they are determined to do it.

Once the door opens the quiet one stands back and absorbs the entire room, making mental notes of everything as they do. As soon as the clock starts ticking they go on a spurt of opening several locks. The clues seem to be written by them because as soon as they are read out they are heading straight for the answer.

The bossy one will be shouting at people, the scared one will be crying, the clueless one will be playing candy crush and the aggressive one will using their head as a battering ram whilst the quiet one lets themselves out of the room.