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The history of escape rooms goes right back to the 1980’s in the form of video games.

The basic premise of these games revolves around having the the player trapped in a single location. One of the first examples of this type of escape room video game is John Wilson’s text based adventure ‘Behind Closed Doors’ which was released on the ZX Spectrum in 1988.

This genre of game quickly caught the imagination of gamers and game developers alike and with the evolution of gaming systems and computers they became even more engaging.

With the advent of flash based browser games the escape room concept started to reach people outside of the traditional gaming community

Some examples of flash based escape room video games include:

Crimson Room

The Great Living Room Escape

The Mystery of Space and Time

Escape the Prison

Escape games became reality in 2008 when Takao Kato set up the Real Escape game in Kyoto, Japan. Word spread quickly about these real-life adventure experiences and escape games started popping up all across Asia.

Within a few years live escape rooms arrived in the United States which saw their popularity go through the roof.

Attracting people from all walks of life the major appeal to live escape rooms are the wide and varied themes on which they are based upon.

Escape Rooms in Chicago

The themes of and our approach to our escape rooms in Chicago we believe offer participants a unique and suspenseful experience.

What we have done at Escapades however is turn the concept of an escape room on it’s head! As explained traditionally escape rooms have revolved around the concept of following the clues and solving puzzles to escape the room you have been locked in.

We understand that for some people being locked in a room with no easy escape is a very scary prospect. It can also very awkward if you receive a call of nature during your bid to escape.

Hence why our games revolve around the concept of “breaking in” to a room rather than breaking out of one. At any point during your escape game experience you can leave and take a break in our lobby if you are feeling claustrophobic or visit the bathroom if needed and then return to your game when ready.