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How To Pick The Perfect Escape Room Team

After watching many teams take on our escape room experiences both successfully and unsuccessfully we have identified that there are certain kinds of people required to form a formidable escape room team.

With just 60 minutes to make your escape from one of our experiences you must choose wisely when considering the make up of your team. It takes a unique combination of minds and skillsets to make a successful escape. We would recommend choosing the people who match the descriptions below to join you in your quest.

The Director

Let’s be honest if you are searching on how to assemble the perfect escape room team then you are probably the leader of the group. The director will usually take up position in the centre of the room and conduct proceedings from there. Your cast (team) have implicit faith in your judgement and you never lose your cool despite seconds counting down before you hear “CUT!” You never criticise the actors on their performance and this is why you will be at the front of the queue when the awards are handed out.

The Inquisitive One

If something needs finding this person will find it. As soon as they are given the green light the “Inquisitive One” will search every inch of the escape room in the hope of discovering clues and uncovering puzzles which will then be passed on to the problem solvers in the team. Once this task is complete the “Inquisitive One” will retire into the background until their specialist set of skills are needed again.

The Over Thinker

The Over Thinker is the person in your group who will be able to look at “1+1 = ?” and be able to come up with the answer of “Dog” and be able to justify it reasonably and logically. Whilst this is an impressive feat it is not always entirely helpful. Sometimes though there is method in their madness and they could be the key to your bid for escape.

The Under Thinker

Underestimate the under thinker at your peril! Whilst the Over Thinker is desperately trying to remember how to calculate the circumference of a circle because they have convinced themselves that the answer will solve the puzzle, the Under Thinker will simply say what they see in front of them. This kind of person is usually great at solving clues and puzzles whilst the rest of the group spend their time over complicating the issue. It is for this reason why you will need both types of thinker in your escape room team.

The Cheerleader

An integral member of the perfect escape room team, the Cheerleader makes everyone feel like they are contributing to the cause and doing an excellent job. They keep up the team’s morale even when the clue that stumps everyone comes along. Whether the team are successful with their attempt to escape or not this does not dampen the Cheerleader’s mood.

The Clown

Everyone has that one friend that refuses to take life seriously. Whilst they have no clue as to what an escape room is they don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for a laugh. The Clown will either be joking around or trying to distract your escape room team from the task at hand. Don’t see this as a negative though as the Clown brings lightheartedness to what can be an intense 60 minutes trying to escape.

The Compulsive Cleaner

This person is the dream participant for every escape room employee. The Compulsive Cleaner cannot help but tidy up after the rest of the team have solved a particular puzzle. Escape room teams that have a Compulsive Cleaner in their ranks usually fair better than most as they have less clutter to distract them from solving the puzzle in front of them.