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Chicago Rage Room

Release your stress like you’ve never had the chance to before! Rooms start at $15! We have a large stock of extra’s you can add to the room for a small fee! You can split the room with a group of up to three people. Only one person is allowed in the room at a time, however you will be allowed to “tag” in and out whenever you like.

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For those not smashing away their stress we have a viewing window in our prep room so you don’t miss any of the action! We can play whatever music you like while you are in the room, just ask! Please note anyone who is intoxicated will not be let into the room. For more information come down to 153 West Ohio Street and see us! This game does require reservations online however you can reserve a spot by clicking the “Book Now” button below and then clicking on the “Private tours” button.

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We are always on the look-out for more items for people smash to smithereens as they de-stress in our Rage Room. If you have any old electrical items, furniture, dinnerware or anything that you are looking to chuck out then then get in touch and we will come and collect it for free!