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The River North,  or to use it’s full name,  The River North Gallery District of Chicago is a stylish urban neighbourhood that borders the Magnificent Mile retail area and is just across the bridge from the Loop.

The district gets its name from the fact it plays host to the largest concentration of art galleries in the United States outside of Manhattan.

There is much more to River North though than the numerous art galleries though such as:

House of Blues

Mueseum of Broadcast Communications

Merchandise Mart

Magnificent Mile

The latest entertainment craze, escape game experiences, is now available in River North with the arrival of Escapades.

In general, An escape room is an adventure game in which players have to escape a room within a set time limit by solving a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy. The more time ticks down, the more pressure and ultimately the more excitement.

Our games revolve around the concept of “breaking in” to a room rather than breaking out of one. At any point during your escape game experience you can leave and take a break in our lobby if you are feeling claustrophobic or visit the bathroom if needed and then return to your game when ready.

Escape Room Experiences in River North

We have two unique escape room experiences on offer at our River North venue – Apartment 1145 and Chi-Gate.

Apartment 1145 is based upon one of the original and we believe the best escape room concepts. You find yourself locked inside an apartment with only 60 minutes to find the key and make your escape.

Apartment 1145 is available for up to twelve people, and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for things to do in River North; whether you are looking for a corporate team building activity or something different to do with your friends at the weekend.

The Chi-Gate escape game is inspired by the infamous Watergate scandal and appeals to the inner spy in everyone. You and your friends get your opportunity to break into the DNC, tap the phones, place bugs, photograph top secret details and shred the documents relating to Nixon.

Chi-Gate is also available for up to twelve people and is the ideal option for escape room ‘veterans’.