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Using Escape Games To Build A Better Team Of Employees

If you are in the privileged position of running a Chicago based business which employs more than a handful of employees then you will know the importance of the relationships and the chemistry amongst your staff. In addition, you will also realise the need to have workers who can solve problems and issues on a daily basis, making use of the different skillsets within the team to come up with the best solution. This is also usually done under time pressure and the team will often need to learn new skills in this period and implement them instantly.

For all of these reasons and more, using escape games is the ideal way to reinforce the bonds between your employees and strengthen your business.

An escape game is an ever increasingly popular form of entertainment where a group of people are “locked” inside a room and are usually given a 60 minute time frame to make their “escape”. To make their escape the team will need to solve a series of clues & puzzles and complete tasks which will reveal the code or key to freedom. These simulated pressurised situations are proving to be a great tool for employees to learn more about each other and how they can come together to achieve a common goal.

Here at Escapades we can offer you and your employees our unique takes on the escape game experience with compelling storylines.

Here are some of the reasons why a visit to Escapades can be an ideal team building exercise for you and a fun, unifying exercise for your employees.

It Takes A Team Effort

A business can be blessed with some highly-skilled individual employees but if they are unable to work with the people around them then their skills will not be of use to the business and therefore the business won’t be successful. The same can be said of an escape game experience. Whilst you might have some highly-skilled members of your escape game team unless everyone works together your bid for escape will not be successful.

If your team of employees are not already united then an escape game will help them to do so.

Performing Under Pressure

Any business, no matter which industry it is in, delivers challenges each day to which it’s employees need to respond to positively and effectively for the business to thrive. Escape games replicate the pressure of having to achieve a goal within strict time constraints but without the consequence of having an angry client if you don’t succeed!

Escape games are an ideal opportunity to see which of your employees can step up to the plate when the pressure is on and identify potential leaders in the team.

Learning & Adapting

Escape rooms throw up challenges that your employees that are often far removed from the skill sets that have acquired through their day to day work experiences. This provides the opportunity to test them on their ability to process new information quickly and use it to solve the puzzles and challenges whilst being in a foreign environment to them.