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Rage Rooms are a modern phenomenon and offer over stressed adults the perfect opportunity to release their pent-up anger. Originating in Dallas, Texas back in 2008 the rage room concept was established as an alternative to seeing a ‘shrink’ or talking it out after a bad day at the office.

The rage room experience is a sought after one as it allows you to smash, bash and destroy everything in-sight.

As the name suggests the stressed-out individual is led into a room fully kitted out in safety wear that contains everyday objects that are ready to take the full brunt of their rage.

These objects include:


Computer Equipment


Office Equipment

Then the rage room participant chooses their weapon of choice. This can be anything from a baseball bat, a golf club, a sticks through to a sledgehammer.

The participants song of choice then begins to play and the chaos starts. Whilst in the room the participant is basically allowed to do whatever they want.

Chicago Rage Room Experiences

Escapades have brought the rage room experience to Chicago at our River North venue which is ideally located for those looking to let their hair down and de-stress.

Our rage room experience is open to everyone over the age of 18 no matter what walk of life you’re from. The experience can be shared by up to three people, although only one person is allowed in the room at a time, as we operate a “tag-in” system.

As a memento of your rage room experience we will also provide you photographs that show a before and after of the room to show the trail of destruction that you caused.