An escape room is an adventure game in which players have to escape a room within a set time limit by solving a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy.

There are many different themes and storylines that are used as the premise for escape rooms. These include:

Prison Cell
Ship Cabin
Hospital Ward
Bank Vault

The themes of our games however are pretty unique and are a step away from the typical scary horror escape games.

Our Apartment 1145 game revolves around one of the original and what we believe to be the best escape room concepts. You find yourself locked in your apartment with an hour to find the key and make your escape.

Our other escape room experience is inspired by the infamous Watergate scandal. You get your chance to break into the DNC, tap the phones, place bugs, photograph top secret details and shred the documents relating to Nixon.


What we have done at Escapades however is turn the concept of an escape room on it’s head! As explained traditionally escape rooms have revolved around the concept of following the clues and solving puzzles to escape the room you have been locked in.

We understand that for some people being locked in a room with no easy escape is a very scary prospect. It can also very awkward if you receive a call nature during your bid to escape.

Hence why our games revolve around the concept of “breaking in” to a room rather than breaking out of one. At any point during your escape game experience you can leave and take a break in our lobby if you are feeling claustrophobic or visit the bathroom if needed and then return to your game when ready.

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